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Terms and Conditions

AHY official mall absolutely respects the privacy rights of all users. Please read the following privacy policy of AHY official website to help you understand the AHY official mall (currently Jiapin Industrial Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation) to collect your personal information. Purpose, category, scope and manner of use and the right to exercise your income.
AHY official website has the right to revise this privacy protection policy and personal information collection notice and related notices at any time, and may publish it in the appropriate location of AHY official website or update the content of this website after revision, without separate notice. You can read the revised privacy protection policy and personal information collection notice and related explanations at any time in the AHY official mall.

First, the purpose, method and scope of collection of personal data
1. AHY official store collects your personal data for customer and member management services, business and technical information, online shopping and other e-commerce services, AHY official mall and merchandising marketing, purchase and delivery of goods, and statistical surveys. And analysis, information and database management.
2. You do not have to enter your personal information to view the AHY official store. However, AHY official mall will obtain the user's name, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, refund account information and other financial institution account numbers and names, ID card number, foreigner passport number, and birth year according to the nature of individual services. The date of the month, gender, age, nationality, the type of consumer goods used and the details of the service, and the consumption patterns of individuals or households. Users have the right to choose to provide personal data freely, but if you do not provide it, AHY official mall will not be able to provide related services, and may not be able to fulfill the membership contract rights and obligations with you.
3. AHY official store to protect your privacy and rights, when you use the credit card method for shopping checkout, the payment operation system will directly link to the credit card acquiring bank's network card interface, AHY official mall will not record you in the Any information entered by the interface to safeguard the confidentiality of your credit card information.
4. AHY official mall provides you with a faster and more convenient refund service. When your order has a refund, AHY official mall will ask you to provide the refund information of the purchaser or recipient of the order: bank name , account number and account name. AHY Official Store only uses your refund transfer account information for refund services.
Second, the use period, region, object and method
 1. Period of use: AHY official mall may permanently use such personal data during the operation period, unless otherwise provided by the Act.
2. Region: Your personal data will be used in the AHY official mall and Jiapin Industrial Co., Ltd. and partners (including but not limited to suppliers, express delivery, logistics and other fulfillment assistants or agents) in the region and service areas.
. 3. Use objects and methods:
AHY official mall is currently the owner of Jiapin Industrial Co., Ltd., which sells merchandise for AHY official mall. Therefore, AHY official mall will provide your personal information to Jiapin Industrial Co., Ltd. for joint use. AHY Official Mall will process and utilize personal data in the specific purpose of collection, electronic, written, telephone, telecommunications, internet and other means.
In addition to the functions of member management and customer management search and retrieval in AHY official mall, your personal data collection will also have the following usage methods:
(1) Invoice of goods and papers: When the goods are ordered, delivered or delivered, and the relevant items are delivered, AHY official mall will hand over your personal information to the entrusted supplier, logistics provider, express delivery. , home delivery, freight operators, etc., in order to facilitate the delivery of goods and services.
(2) Marketing activities: AHY official mall will use the user's address and mail, phone number to carry out AHY official mall merchandise or event promotion (including but not limited to AHY official mall commercial data delivery, such as e-newsletter, EDM, newsletter) To inform you of updates and offers of related services, to provide marketing information related to services such as various electronic information, or to communicate with users such as polls, events, message boards, etc.
(3) Member-specific services: member area service, member birthday ceremony, bonus point feedback, discount coupon activity, shopping record, order information, electronic invoice, credit card swipe full gift activity, return and after-sales service, etc. Member service required.
(4) Analysis of business and market: use the content or advertisements viewed by users according to the user's gender, age, place of residence, interests, hobbies and other personal attributes or purchase records, website browsing records, etc. Analysis, development of new services and improvement of existing services
(5) Internet activities and online surveys: AHY official mall will use the user's name and identity card number as the basis for the sweepstakes, and use the user's phone number, EMAIL and address to inform the user of the lottery result. And for analysis. AHY Official Store does not use the information for other purposes without the user's consent. In addition to publishing the list of winners according to the needs of the event, AHY Official Mall will never publish any information of individual users.
(6) AHY official mall and Jiapin Industrial Co., Ltd. jointly use the user's personal information in AHY official mall member activities, statistical analysis of members' purchase of goods and services, online marketing activities, adjustment or release of product information.
(7) Customize the advertising and the content of the webpages you see, meet your requirements for products and services, improve our services, contact you, conduct research, and provide market analysis or business where internal and external customers do not carry personal data. report.
(8) He may also use the specific purpose of the user's consent in writing, by e-mail, by fax or by clicking on the button.
(9) AHY official mall may publish the information of AHY official mall on the user's community dynamic page through Facebook or other community service system. If the user does not agree to the posting of the message, please do not click the consent button, or remove the information through the community service membership mechanism or refuse to continue to publish the relevant information.
 3. User rights exercise
1. Please briefly explain your rights under Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act and the principles of AHY Official Mall:
(1) After you register with the AHY official mall, you must use the registered account and password to check the status of the personal information you provide.
(2) If you need to copy the status of such personal data, you can e-mail the request to AHY official mall.
(3) You can use the registered account number and password to supplement or change the previously entered personal data at any time. However, if necessary, AHY official mall may require you to explain it as appropriate.
(4) You can send an email to the customer service mailbox or call the customer service center to stop collecting, processing, utilizing or deleting personal data. However, after the user completes the application to stop collecting, processing or using personal data, or requests to delete personal data, the service provided to the user by AHY official mall will be suspended or terminated, and AHY official mall will handle related matters within the scope of the law. .
2. If you are not willing to provide the personal information required by the services or transactions to the AHY official mall, or disagree with the AHY official mall in accordance with the law, this privacy protection policy and the collection of personal information and related notices are collected, Processing, use and international transfer of personal data, AHY official mall will fully respect your decision, but depending on the nature or condition of the service, you may not be able to use the relevant services, fulfill your rights and obligations or complete the transaction (for example: if you refuse If you provide a birthday, you will not be able to register as a member and you will not be entitled to a birthday gift.) AHY Official Store reserves the right to agree to provide such related services or complete related transactions.
4. Expose personal information

 1. The personal data obtained by AHY official mall will be provided to AHY official mall for the sale of merchandise, 妍 妍 妍 AH AH ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( Gold Flow or Event Gifts, Vendors of Display Products and Other Performance Supporters or Agents shall be used for the specific purposes of the Announcement.
2. AHY Official Mall will never sell, exchange or rent your personal information to other groups or individuals for internal processing and utilization, except in the following cases, and AHY official mall does not need to be in advance. Inform the user
(1) You need to share your information with others or the company to provide the products or services you want.
(2) Based on legal requirements or subject to judicial procedures and other competent authorities based on statutory procedures.
(3) A major hazard for safeguarding national security, promoting public interest, and preventing the rights and interests of others.
(4) It is beneficial to the rights and interests of the parties in order to avoid the danger of the user's life, body, liberty or property.
(5) Subject to the user's written consent or authorization.
(6) Based on good faith, believe that disclosure is a legal need.
(7)) Used for management to maintain and improve website services.

3. In order to protect the privacy of users, AHY official mall can not query other users' account information for personal users. If there are related legal issues, please refer to other people's information, please be sure to first report to the police unit, AHY official mall will fully cooperate with the inspection. The police and judicial units provide all relevant information for the investigation of the case to assist in the investigation and resolution.
4. In order to provide other services or preferential rights, AHY Official Mall needs to share your personal information with the third party who provides the service or offer. We will provide sufficient explanation and inform you at the event, you are free to choose whether to accept this. Service or offer.

V. Data storage and storage methods
  Your personal data is kept strictly in the AHY official mall database system. At the same time, anyone must obtain and use the information under the data authorization management specification set by AHY Official Mall. People who are not authorized to obtain information through the authorization control system.
Sixth, personal data security
 AHY Official Mall will maintain the security of personal data with reasonable technology and procedures in line with industry standards.

Seven. Self-protection measures
  Please keep your password and or any personal information in good condition. Do not provide any personal information, especially the password, to anyone. Please remember to log out of your account before you leave your computer or when you are finished using AHY City. If you share your computer with a public computer or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or mail. .
Eight privacy protection policy consultation
  If you have any questions about the privacy policy and personal collection notice in AHY City, please use the customer service mailbox ( to reflect, we will reply as soon as possible.