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1. Is your skin being sensitive again when season changes? What should you do?

A: When the weather is going hot and cold constantly, it makes your skin sometimes peeling and sometimes oily. 

The reason is that when season is changing, the temperature and the moisture are clearly dropping plus the temperature difference throughout the day is large. That makes your skin’s oil-moisture ratio goes imbalanced which then affect your skin’s immune system.

Suggested products that can reinforce the moisture of your skin: WHITENING SERIES Rose Moisturizing Spray, Royal Jelly Bamboo Charcoal Mask Mud.


2. Why can I only put my mask on for only 15~20 minutes, can it be longer?

A: If you put on your mask correctly, it will help your skin to metabolize and absorb better. However, if you have the mask on for too long, it will block your skin from breathing, causing your skin to be lack of oxygen and to absorb much worse. This way of using mask will not reach our expected result but even makes your skin worse.

Suggested product: Royal Jelly Bamboo Charcoal Mask Mud


3.When I have light makeup on, will my face be clean by washing my face with the soap twice?


No matter how light your makeup is, you still need to remove your makeup first, and you still can’t use only the soap or only the makeup remover. Although soap’s main function is to wash off the dirt and the dead-skin off your face, your makeup can still only be washed off fully with makeup remover.

A more correct way to wash your face is using makeup remover first and then use cleanser, such as soap, afterwards. When makeup remover and makeups remain on your face, it will stop toner and other skin care products from working, thus not creating any effects. In addition, leftover dirt and makeups will cause your skin to darken and age.

The fundamental of cleaning your face is to “completely get rid of the dirt” so come and join us to use both makeup remover and cleanser to clean your makeup thoroughly.


4. Can pregnant women use AHY products?

A: Yes, and don’t worry. AHY products do not contain any heavy metal, microorganism, estrogen, plasticizer, and any other ingredients that can harm the moms and babies. We are SGS certified.

All products are suitable for pregnant women.


5. Can I use AHY products after cosmetic surgery?

A: First thing to do is to determine what cosmetic surgery did you take. If you do light surgery such as laser-cleaning, it’s ok to use moisturizing, skin-treatment products.

We suggest you to use more of moisturizing product: WHITENING SERIES Rose Moisturizing Spray

If you do heavy surgery, such as fraxel laser and freckle laser removal, you should follow the direction of doctors and cosmetologists to after-surgery skin maintenance. After 7-10 days and your wound began to scab and to have no redness, you may start using our products again.

Meanwhile, if you have purchased any of theAHY products or have any AHY testers, we suggest you to test any allergy by putting a small amount behind your ear or on your cheeks. If you do not observe any reaction, such as itching or redness, you may use the product.


6. Can sensitive skin use AHY products?

A: AHY has been doing a lot of testing and observing during the developing stage. We have many testers from both the internal and the external part of company and testers after cosmetic surgery to ensure that our products are safe and will not cause any irritation and allergy before mass production, so very safe to use.

P.S. Even though our products are safe to use, everyone’s skin conditions and allergen are different, thus no skin care products can really be suitable for all kinds of skin conditions. If you have sensitive skin, please try our products on a small area of skin to test for any irritation before applying it on your face. If any sign of irritation occurs, please stop using immediately and ask a doctor as soon as possible.


7. How to store “AHY skin are products”?

A: Please put it in a cool place with normal temperature and avoid direct sunlight. AHY products have a storage life of 3 years, manufacture date and expiration date are labeled either on the Chinese plastic cover or on the packing boxes. As long as our products are within the expiration dates, it’s safe to use.

DHC products do not contain any sort of chemical preservative,therefore we suggest you to finish using the product within a year after opening, preventing any changes in the products’ stability and effect.